A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A city asleep, the darkness come, you are alone.

 Alone is a monochromatic 3D walking simulator that brings us closer to the world of shadows, the city and the question of where we are going.

Una ciudad dormida, en la oscuridad, solo.

Alone es un walking simulator 3D monocromático que nos acerca al mundo de las sombras, la ciudad y la cuestión de hacia dónde nos dirigimos.


Please, use headphones if you have (sound is very important!). Play as many times as you need. Avoid running.

Emplea cascos si tienes (¡El sonido es muy importante!). Juega todas las veces que creas necesario. Evita correr.

Install instructions

Click the donwload button to donwload the .zip

It contains the executable and all the data to run the game. Extract it wherever you want and click on the .exe archive to start playing.


ALONE.rar 32 MB
ALONE.zip 39 MB


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This Game Was Great And the concept behind it was awesome. Unfortunately i did not have headphones but still had a great experience. Only thing that was difficult was everytime i died there was no restart button
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Thank you very much!

 For respawning you only have to make click onscreen, and it will do it for you ^^. (Click a few times if it doesn't do it the first time)